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Lighting in the living room

The living room is a very multifunctional room, in which guests receive guests, relax, socialize, watch TV, read, in general, spend a lot of time. And for each of these activities requires a proper selection of lighting, which, in addition, should perform many functions.

There are several types of lighting in the living room:

  • main — the background lighting of the room. It is provided by a central lighting fixture, in which the role can be played as a tiered crystal chandelier, and minimalist overhead ceiling fixture. Choosing a light source for the ceiling, you should take into account the size of the living room, ceiling height, interior space and its color palette;

  • accent — is used for local lighting in a room and for zoning the space. The recreation area, for example, can be complemented by a lighting device directional light (floor lamp, table lamp, sconces) to ensure comfortable reading;

  • spot lighting is a kind of accent lighting. Such fixtures are convenient to install in a niche to highlight statuettes, paintings and all sorts of decorative elements. You can also use spot lighting as the main, placing it in a tension or suspended ceiling;

  • intelligent — will be especially relevant for large living rooms with a huge number of light sources, which are easier to control with the intelligent lighting. That is, you will be able to control the work of all the lights simultaneously by remote control. And thanks to the abundance of functions you have the ability to adjust the intensity of lighting, change the color of the light and set on/off lights on a timer.

Room zoning with lighting

Proper selection and placement of light sources is one of the easiest options for dividing a room into functional zones. This is especially true in homes where several rooms are connected to each other (e.g., living room with dining room, or living room with kitchen).

Thus, when choosing lighting fixtures, you need to take into account the proportions of the living room, the height of the ceiling and the style of the interior. For example, if you gave preference to the classics, it is worth noting that all the lights should be arranged symmetrically.

Pendant lights are best suited for high ceilings. Otherwise, it is better to give preference to spot models.

If you have a dining room in the living room, it is better to use pendant chandeliers for its lighting with the ability to adjust the height of the suspension, so that, if necessary, you can easily change the atmosphere in the house.


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