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Lighting in the bedroom

The bedroom is the coziest room in the house. Here they rarely bring guests, here they relax after a hard day's work, read books and watch movies, sleep and get dressed before going out. Therefore the lighting in this room must be special and ideally suited to your needs.

So what light sources should be purchased for the bedroom to make the room cozy and interesting to emphasize the interior? The range of lighting fixtures for the bedroom is simply huge, because all kinds of lighting are used in this room: central, local, decorative and working. It is important that the lighting fixture emits soft and even light. It is also very important that the lamp blends harmoniously with the design of the space.

Central lighting

The choice of a fixture for central lighting depends on the taste of the owners and the style of the bedroom. The most popular options are an elegant chandelier or a minimalist ceiling lamp.

A massive chandelier with lots of glass or crystal elements is perfect for a large bedroom. But in a small room it would be better to choose a ceiling lamp, which does not take much space and will look good in a bedroom with a low ceiling.

In a room with suspended ceilings there is an opportunity to install halogen spotlights. They emit an even light and have a movable fitting, with which you can control the direction of light in certain areas of the room.

Local lighting

Sometimes this type of lighting is needed even more than the central lighting. Lovers of reading before bedtime should pay attention to bedside lamps. The design of this element depends on the overall interior of the room. It is very important that the lamp illuminates the edge of the bed, so it is not desirable to place it too low.

Sconces can also be used as bedside lighting. Wall lights are placed at the head of the bed at a height of 1,5-1,7 m from the floor.

A floor lamp is rarely found in modern interiors. But do not underestimate this light fixture, because with its help you can easily adjust the lighting design of the bedroom, it is only necessary to rearrange it in a convenient place for you.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lights add originality to the interior and serve as an interesting addition to the style of the room. For example, a picture with lighting or a decorative fountain. Recently, diode lights are rapidly gaining popularity, which will add a highlight to any interior.

Working lighting

In addition to the recreation area in the bedroom is often arranged a workplace. Also in this room, as a rule, sets the mirror, near which we bring ourselves in order before leaving home. For such places need to install a special functional lighting. Near the mirror, the lights are installed on both sides, so that the light falls evenly, and even in today's market you can buy a mirror cloth with installed light — it's more convenient and practical than using the lights.

Nowadays the use of LED lighting in closets and sliding door closets is very popular in design. If there is no such lighting, then you can use rotary lights.

Lighting fixtures in the interior

The variety of interior styles determines some features of the choice of lighting fixtures for the bedroom in accordance with the design of the room. The easiest way to choose light sources for the classic style. Here perfectly fit chandeliers of pastel shades of different forms - round, oval, in the form of plants. Often such lamps are decorated with gilt or crystal pendants.

For high tech, a chandelier in the form of a geometric figure, curved lines and scatterings of small lamps is well suited. The main features of such lighting are asymmetry and futuristic design.

For a cozy Provence to choose a chandelier is quite easy. Models with wrought iron elements and lamps will suit well. A good solution, which will harmoniously complement the interior, will be the purchase of a lamp under the fabric of curtains, blankets or wallpaper.

Room in a minimalist style perfectly complement the chandeliers in the style of floral or geometric shapes. Such fixtures are decorated with bells, horns or strict lines and figures.

And remember that whatever the style of your bedroom, the main thing — pick a lamp that will fill the room with warmth and comfort.


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