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Light curtains in the interior of the house

Window drapery is able not only to complement the design of the room, but also to model the layout of the room. Light curtains can visually increase the size of the window opening, also they perfectly agree with different interior styles. Neutral gentle tones of curtains compensate lack of light in the rooms and disperse excessive light from the south side.

Light curtains in the interior

The decoration of the window opening can dramatically change the overall appearance of the living room. Portieres, made of pastel fabrics, look unobtrusive, but at the same time presentable. In interiors of houses, full of bright accents, light curtains are more suitable than ever. They will help to balance the effect of cluttering.

On the attic floor it is most appropriate to hang blue, peach or gray curtains. They will moderate the overly bright sunlight or moonlight and fill the room with a heavenly and beige glow. Calm tonality complements favorably many directions of design: minimalism, Scandinavian, Provence, Loft and others. The only difference is the manner of execution — decor, type of fabric and style.

Light curtains in a classic interior

Classic has always been inherent in the restrained window decoration because of the luxurious furnishings, including voluminous leather furniture and flooring made of marble or parquet flooring. Light furnishings amidst the pretentious furnishings bring lightness and elegance to the interior.

Pastel curtains symbolize the aristocratic setting. Curtains with laconic rectilinear cuts sewn from expensive types of fabric: velvet, silk, satin or taffeta are ideal for this role.

In a classic interior it is acceptable to use light curtains with discreet drapery. For example, Austrian curtains are perfect for such an interior. By equipping the edges with almost invisible cords, in the raised state they form numerous wavy folds. Such curtains model emphasizes official and pompous classical style.

It is a good idea to decorate long light curtains with dark eyelets imitating precious alloys: gold, silver or platinum. You can also play on the contrast and combine light curtains with dark decorated curtain tracks.

Light curtains in modern and minimalist styles

Modern styles manifest themselves in the restraint and brevity of the interior. These features are manifested in all elements of the furnishings, including window drapery. Most often light curtains of roll-up or roman type are used. Curtains should not distract attention from the thought-out functional interior. The main thing is that the curtains should be easy to open and close.

If minimalism in every way denies the use of curtains with a variety of prints and patterns, then modernism, like many modern design styles, encourages the embodiment of outstanding decor: with futuristic images, glow-in-the-dark coverage, printed embroidery and appliques.

The role of light curtains in the interior of different rooms

Light curtains can easily cope with different design tasks. For example, if the living room needs spectacularly looking curtains, the bedroom needs to create a cozy semi-darkness for rest.

The interior of a child's room will look good with cream or milky curtains, which are complemented by bright, colorful designs and prints. For the bedroom, it is better to choose thick curtains, so that the morning light does not interfere with your sleep.

In the living room, the window drapery is selected depending on its role in the stylistic solution of the room. If the room is full of furniture, and the center of the composition is the fireplace area or a massive chandelier, it is better to give preference to discreet drapery with white or cream curtains. If the interior of the living room needs an expressive accent of the window, then it is worth looking at French awnings with tiered festoons.

Light curtains in the kitchen will help to increase the height of the ceilings or expand the boundaries of cramped space. Only be sure to take into account the need for frequent washing of products that absorb the smell of food. Therefore, the fabric of kitchen curtains should be practical and form-resistant even after numerous washings.

Light curtains in the interior give the room a note of lightness and morning summer coolness. Also, pastel draperies create a sense of perfect order in the house. Curtains of a calm color scheme emphasize interior accents and increase natural light. Their role in the design world is invaluable, they symbolize the elegant smartness of the environment and harmonious idyll.


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