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Large mirrors in the interior of the house

Mirrors are an important part of any interior, especially if they are large mirrors. With the help of such a decorative element you can dramatically change the environment, make the room more spacious and lighter.

Skilful usage of big reflecting surfaces is able to add brightness to the interior and become a tool for realization of bold design ideas.

The effects that big mirrors can create:

  • visual expansion of space;

  • improvement of quality of lighting;

  • the illusion of reflection;

  • help to hide some layout flaws.


Mirrors are classified according to the shape of their frames — rectangular, square, oval, round. Oval and round surfaces are best for styles with a predominance of creativity (eclecticism, art deco, Provence, loft), but for more "austere" interiors (minimalism, high-tech, modernism, neoclassics) rectangular and square mirrors are suitable.

The location of large mirrors

The most popular rooms for the installation of large reflective surfaces are the living room, bedroom and dressing room — here are great opportunities for interesting design ideas and location of mirrors. For example, if the room is narrow, then it can be visually enlarged with a large mirror, placing it on a long wall. Would look spectacular would be a mirror framed in an ornate frame, which would give it the appearance of a work of art.

In the bathroom, you can install a large reflective surface without a frame. In this room, the mirror has a great practical value, so the bigger the surface, the better.

Large mirrors in a narrow hallway will help to visually "move apart" the walls. However, it is better not to hang them opposite each other, as this may cause a feeling of discomfort.

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