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How to choose a rug to match the interior

A rug is an important part of the interior that can make a room warmer and more comfortable. Properly selected carpet will give the interior perfection and atmosphere. In order not to make a mistake when buying this element of decoration, we advise to adhere to the following rules.

Composition of the product

It is best to give preference to safe materials that will be easy to clean and long-lasting. Natural materials are a great option. They have a luxurious, expensive look, and, moreover, are safer than synthetics. Only it is worth considering that natural materials wash and burn faster than synthetic products. But at the same time, they are more durable and aesthetic.

Carpet size

Choose the size of the carpet product should be based on your preferences. Measure the area you plan to cover with the carpet. If you need to emphasize certain places, it is better to go for a small size. In the bedroom, it is better to have a carpet that completely covers the entire sofa area or protruding beyond its limits (it all depends on your preferences).

The shape

Round or oval rugs are most often used as decorations. Designers recommend placing such models by the window or sofa. In the zoning of the room, small square or rectangular products are excellent helpers. It is best to choose carpets, the shape of which corresponds to the shape of furniture in the room.

Pattern and color palette

The color of the rug should either fit in with the general color palette of design, or contrast with it without breaking the integrity of the interior. If the design is made in neutral shades, complement it with a rug of bright, saturated colors; you can also add pillows of the same color scheme. If the room is made with two primary colors, then the carpet product should complement one of them, only in darker shades. As for the pattern, the pattern of the carpet should match the chosen style of the interior. For example, a floral print is excellent for eclecticism, but strict lines — for minimalism.

The texture of the product

The length of the carpet pile depends on how often people visit the room where the carpet is located. For example, for the living room is better to choose a carpet with a smooth and thin texture, because it is much faster and easier to clean. A fluffy rug is more difficult and expensive to clean, so it's better to put it in a bedroom or children's room. Also, do not forget that the choice of texture depends on whether it will fit into the interior. Carpets with long pile go well with smooth furniture surfaces. Short pile is almost universal.

All of these simple rules can help make a rug a great addition to your design.


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