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Home gym equipment

Today, home training has gained unprecedented popularity. Quarantine has forced us to change our views on safety and learn to abstract to the new conditions. So in this article we will tell you how to set up a gym at home and what equipment you need to buy.

Choosing the space

First of all, you need to decide on the room in which you will exercise. It is better to think in advance about the square footage of space allocated for training. It is very important that this place can be ventilated. It is also undesirable that there were near sharp and breaking objects, they can break or cause injuries.


Firstly, it is better to plan in advance for what purposes you need exercise equipment and sports equipment: for example, for strength weights and dumbbells can be considered, and for yoga — a mat and a ball.

Second, when selecting equipment, you should also consider the room in which you train. Ideally, if under the gym can be allocated a separate room. Then you can buy different machines for different loads, and not to worry about the fact that the room is almost no free space. If, however, you are planning to dedicate a certain part of the room for sports, then you need to choose a more compact equipment and not for all types of weights.

Equipment for different types of training

The modern market for sporting goods provides a huge selection of equipment. There are so many interesting and modern: dumbbells of different colors and designs, "smart" ropes, fitness bands, weights that can replace the huge gym apparatus of the sports center and much more. But do not buy everything at once, better before going to the store to decide for what specific purpose you are looking for sports equipment.

If your goal is to lose weight and develop endurance, then we suggest you consider the following equipment for cardio exercises:

  • a treadmill — a classic cardio workout. Today, stores offer models that can easily be hidden even under the couch;

  • exercise bike;

  • rope;

  • rowing machine;

  • stepper — a mechanism that can simulate climbing stairs;

  • step-platform — trainer for different types of aerobics.

For strength exercises you can buy:

  • chinning bar — there are compact models that can be installed even in the bedroom;

  • weights and dumbbells — the weight of this equipment should be selected depending on your fitness level;

  • TRX loops — strong "belts" that cling to a stable object. To buy such equipment, it is better to think in advance, in which place you will install it;

  • fitness bands — come in different densities and can replace almost all fitness center equipment;

  • medball — a small but heavy ball that is used for balance and ab exercises;

  • paralets — low bars on which you can do handstands and push-ups.

For Pilates and yoga will do:

  • fitball;

  • stretching straps;

  • yoga mat;

  • blocks for yoga — increase the load and provide support.

As you can see, setting up a gym at home is not difficult at all. The main thing is to decide on the purpose of the sports and equipment to find a place for the location of simulators.


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