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Fireplace in the interior

A cozy evening with a crackling fire in the fireplace is inevitably associated with good old England. It reeks of homeliness and respectability. In Britain this detail is relevant, as in many English country houses there is no central heating. In Ukraine, however, more often design with a fireplace is resorted to mainly because it is elegant and atmospheric. Also the fireplace, in addition to elegant complement the interior, performs practical functions: it serves as an additional source of heating, and it's also a good way to ventilate the air in the room. Therefore, today we will consider all the subtleties of selecting and installing this magnificent element of the interior.

Where is the best place to install it?

In the apartment. The fireplace can be installed in the apartment. But only if you want a fireplace with live fire, you need to first consult with a specialist. In Ukraine, there are some restrictions on this subject, so before you install a special permit. If the prospect of bureaucratic hassle is not to your liking, then the best way out of this situation is an electric fireplace. It will be just as cozy, but in this case, more practical.

In the house. For private houses, there are no restrictions on the types of fireplaces. And if the country house is not connected to the gas mains, it is also a great way to heat the room. To arrangement of a fireplace with a live fire in a wooden house should be treated with caution. It may be better to give preference to an electric fireplace.

Types of fireplaces

Electric. It is very similar to a traditional fireplace, works thanks to the network. Such a model is easy enough to install, it works with the help of a remote control, and also it is not difficult to take care of it.

Wood-burning. This fireplace additionally requires a chimney, which complicates the installation in houses, and makes it almost impossible in apartments. It is also worth immediately to think about safety measures, because we are talking about an open fire. But, of course, to create the very cozy atmosphere of the home hearth, he has no equal. Such a fireplace is quite difficult to build into an already prepared interior. If possible, it is better to make a fireplace in advance in the planning stage of the design project.

False fireplace. It is used only as a decor. It can be an imitation of a wood fireplace, or even a drawing on the wall, a protruding niche.

Gas. The most practical variant. It is easy to use and suitable for both country houses and apartments. Among the main advantages for the interior — saving space, style and no waste. Also, the gas fireplace is a really great heating device.

Location in the interior

The fireplace will look best in the living room, study, or in the dining room, combined with the living room. It is often the focal point of the room. The ideal place is in the center of a solid wall.

If you still decided on the living room, here are a few practical tips. Before the fireplace usually put upholstered furniture (armchairs, sofa). Also in front of it is convenient to place a coffee table, and above the fireplace look great pictures.

Interior style

Like any other element of design, the fireplace should become an organic part of the style of the room. It blends well with classic, modern interior styles, Provence, etc. A combination of onyx, marble, granite and sandstone will work well for a classic style finish. Do not forget about the shelf above the fireplace, it can serve as a great decorative element. Modern style is characterized by combinations of stone, metal and marble. At the same time, the fireplace should be made in a minimalist design. For high-tech, it is best to use materials such as glass and steel (preferably black, white or metal color).

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