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Features of bar chairs

Bar stools have a special design, because they are usually placed near the bar, the standard height of which is more than 1 m. Traditional furniture (stools or chairs) for obvious reasons are not suitable for sitting at such high tables. That is why a special kind of furniture was invented — bar stools.

They have their own features and are very different from traditional types:

  • the base is located much higher than usual;

  • the backrests are small in shape (if at all);

  • a footrest is provided;

  • small diameter of the seat.

There are different models of bar stools with a variety of designs. Furniture manufacturers offer a choice of different solutions for all needs and tastes: for homes, apartments, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and cafes. Each design embodies the creativity of the designer and special functionality.

For home, for example, it is better to choose a model with a high back, a large diameter of the seat and a rigid design. This option is the most comfortable. For the bar better suit bar stool without a back and with a rotating small seat. On such a chair you can always turn and look into the hall, plus to all other things uncomfortable design will not allow you to sit on it too long, which will increase the flow of people and turnover of seats.

For the production of bar stools, various materials are used that the furniture industry is capable of handling. It is the material that plays a key role in shaping the cost of the chairs, not the manufacturer's brand. The most popular option is metal. Models made of it are strong enough, can withstand a large physical load, as well as they are quite wear-resistant and are able to maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time. Wooden products — have a beautiful texture, environmentally friendly, have an aesthetic appearance, but they quickly get scratches and chips. This option is best used in homes, as in public places they will quickly deteriorate. Also in stores you can find plastic bar stools, this option is not strongly recommended by designers. After all, plastic is an extremely fragile material that will not last long, even with careful use and small loads.

Many modern models are equipped with a gas spring or gas-lift. They are installed to allow the visitor to adjust the height of the chair. Chairs with such a device are most often used in the home, as in other places such a mechanism will quickly fail.

Modern furniture manufacturing offers a huge range of selection of bar stools, so you will definitely be able to find a model that suits your tastes and needs.

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