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Doors in the interior of the house

In addition to zoning the room doors also complement and decorate the interior, making it harmonious and complete. The choice of interior doors is based on certain criteria, as this issue should be approached sensitively, because every year you do not put a new door.

Sizes and construction

Before buying a leaf, it is necessary to measure the parameters by which the choice will be made. The slightest mistake in the calculations may lead to loss of time, nerves and expensive expenses. The width of the standard openings of single leaf doors is 90, 80, 70, 60 cm. The height of the openings can reach 2.2 m, 2.1 m, 2 m. And with the use of webs, which are significantly higher than the standard models, you can visually increase the height of the room.

Speaking of design, the invariable leaders of the buyer's choice remain single-leaf and double-leaf doors. This is due to the fact that such models are more practical and familiar in modern interiors.

Among the forms of doors, there are panel and panel doors. The first have a flat surface on both sides. And the latter have inserts that are thicker than the frame.


The choice of the material of the interior leaf depends on the individual characteristics of each room. An important role is played by the style of the rooms and the direct purpose of the door. In the modern market, the most popular types of materials for doors are wood and glass.


Wooden cloths — the timeless classic of interiors of all times and trends. With proper care and use, they can serve almost indefinitely. The cost of such cloths is usually high, but their quality, durability and unique appearance fully compensate these costs. Nowadays manufacturers often use light wood species such as pine for doors. The cladding is made of more expensive solid wood.


Interior doors with glass inserts — the main trend of the minimalist trend in modern design. There are two types of door glazing — consisting of several glasses and all-glass. It is better not to buy ordinary glass with colored sputtering, such structures are not particularly durable. The safest option is glued glass that has undergone thermal treatment, which makes it resistant to various kinds of damage.


The same for all rooms

This option is great for a layout where all the doors go out into the hallway or corridor. Such a combination emphasizes the sense of style and harmony in the interior.


Light design is traditionally considered standard for all styles and spaces. First of all, this range is suitable for spaces with poor lighting. Also, light doors will visually expand the space and will go perfectly with all the elements of decor.


Doors of dark shades will be suitable for lovers of non-standard stylistic solutions. Dark colors need a large area of space, otherwise the room will simply turn into a dark diminutive room. By using these doors in harmony, you will emphasize the contrast of the room and give the interior a special charm.

Door leafs in different interior styles

Classical style

A characteristic feature of the classic interior are door leaves made of expensive wood species. They have an austere form and can be decorated with carved elements.

Modernist styles

Modernist interior styles have two extremes: minimalist lack of transparency and elegance or "loft" brightness and unusual designs. Suitable for these styles in the stores a huge number of models, it only remains to determine the mood that should translate the space.

The wide range of choice of interior doors makes it easy to find the right option for any interior. Doors make a decisive contribution to the coziness of a room and make its decoration complete.

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