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Designing a house in the Scandinavian style

Do you need a simple interior that is not overloaded with unnecessary details and a million decorative elements? We think we know what to advise you: pay attention to the Scandinavian style, which is the most vivid embodiment of the concept of "minimalism". Residents of Scandinavian countries do not pursue external luxury and chic, they prefer a simple, cozy and practical interior. Are you interested? Then let's take a look at the subtleties of Scandinavian home decoration.

Living room

Scandinavians are very reverent and respectful of the traditions of their country, and the interior of their homes is proof of this. They prefer naturalness over artificial chic, functionality over pretentious details, and they don't need to be designers to decorate their homes beautifully.

The living room of their home is always well-lit, with a large sofa in the center of the room, and the corners of the furniture are smooth rather than sharp. A large window that takes up a little less than half of the wall is mandatory. As a decor, you can use a wine rack or minimalist postmodern figurines. All the furniture is very simple, no frills. And it's worth considering that our understanding of classic design may seem like an excess to the Scandinavians.

Dining room

The dining room in the house is small, again well-lit, with a minimum of furniture and decor. There is a table in the center of the room, deliberately rough and careless, but this is only at first glance: most likely, the table is made of natural wood, which will last for more than a decade. The table is complemented by neat beige chairs, which create an interesting contrast in the design of the dining room.


The kitchen in a Scandinavian house reflects the Scandinavians' immense love for practicality: all surfaces are working, no cabinet will be empty, all kitchen utensils are carefully laid out on all shelves. Also, a distinctive feature of the Scandinavian kitchen is that it is separated from the living room by a partially rebuilt wall, but, as we have already understood, it has a lot of functional space.

The bedroom

The Scandinavian style is based on naturalness and minimalism. The interior often uses high-quality wood, natural stones (as decorative elements), fabrics, natural fur (a response to the hunting traditions of the Middle Ages in Scandinavia), ceramics, metal, etc.

The bed in the room deserves special attention: it is wide, low, with a small mattress. There is nothing superfluous in the bedroom, there is a lot of free space. The emphasis is on light colors (mostly white and beige). The decorative elements of the room are complemented by paintings that are located directly on the floor (if you suddenly forgot about the practicality of the Scandinavians for a second, here is another reminder). In addition to the bed, there is also a minimalist bedside table, and it is also possible to place a wardrobe.

And a little more about the decor

An interesting feature of the Scandinavian design is bright colors. In furniture, curtains, lamps. Also, knitted pillows, rugs, modern paintings can be such highlights. If you have a terrace, we advise you to focus on minimalist furniture, pillows of different sizes (it is better to keep the color scheme in two colors).

As you can see, the Scandinavian style is a unique combo of minimalism, functionality, and natural materials. If you like it, here are some more simple tips on how to organize the Scandinavian style at home:

  1. Free up as much space as possible.

  2. Use a minimum of furniture.

  3. Do not overdo it with bright accents. Maximum 3 such elements (for example, pillows, carpet and a picture in the living room).

  4. Choose simple and practical furniture.

  5. One of the simplest and most effective techniques of the Scandinavian style is to make the flooring the same throughout the apartment or the whole house. This technique helps to visually expand the space and make it holistic.


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