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Design of a modern living room

The living room is the central room of the house, which is responsible for the first impression of the home. It is here that you meet guests and spend evenings with your family. That's why we decided to share some tips on how to decorate a living room in a beautiful and modern way.

The interior of the living room reflects the character and hobbies of the owners, shows the level of prosperity. More recently, the abundance of furniture, the presence of pretentious decorative elements and other features of maximalism spoke of well-being.

Modern design denies such a design. The current fashion dictates minimalist rules for home interiors, a prerequisite is that there should be a lot of free space. Only really necessary items and a minimum of decorative elements are placed in the living room. It is also worth abandoning the abundance of carpets. Designers recommend using paint or plaster to decorate the walls.

As for the color scheme, the best choice is light shades, as this design makes the room more spacious and fresh. Dark colors are recommended to be used in small quantities to create contrasts and accents.

The interior of a modern living room should not have bulky cabinets, even if they are used to store important things. It is best to move them to the corridor or bedroom. If the house is small and you need a wardrobe in the living room, it is better to put a wardrobe from floor to ceiling, because such furniture is easy to make as invisible as possible. In addition, a wardrobe-compartment is practical, roomy and makes the best use of space.

Another important nuance of the interior of a modern living room is its lighting. You should use natural light as much as possible, for this purpose you should choose light, light curtains for the interior. If you want to protect the windows from prying eyes in the evening, we recommend choosing thick, opaque curtains in pastel shades.

Sources of artificial light in the living room should be varied and arranged in zones.

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