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Combining the kitchen with the living room

If you have decided to combine the kitchen and living room, then you need to know a few nuances that play an important role when combining these two rooms. Today, this layout is very popular, but here it is difficult to do without some prejudices and doubts, which we will try to dispel in this article, as well as prompt a few successful solutions for aesthetic design.

Ways of zoning

There are people who take the unification of rooms too literally, and from two spaces turns out one continuous space. With this layout, it is not quite clear where the kitchen ends and the living room begins. Popular mistakes include placing the stove or sink too close to the sofa furniture. In order to avoid such troubles, it is necessary to visually separate these spaces, this can be done in the following ways:

  • by means of lighting;

  • by using a color palette;

  • by using a bar counter;

  • using a different floor covering;

  • with the help of a certain furniture "island" or a kitchen podium.

And there are a lot of such options, they allow you to combine in one room several colors, textiles and types of decor. For the kitchen suit more durable materials that are well tolerant of high humidity and temperature changes. The living room is suitable for any material, but it is desirable that they were environmentally friendly, often in this room prevail wood.

Combined space, of course, should be decorated in the same stylistic direction. If when choosing armchairs in a regular living room, you only need to consider their combination with the sofa, coffee table and textiles, then when combining the living room with the kitchen, you must also calculate how will combine, for example, the sofa with the kitchen set. If you combine each element of the interior correctly, then in the end you are sure to get a harmonious design.


Despite the optimization of space, combining the kitchen and living room also has its pitfalls, such as unpleasant odors during cooking or noise that will irritate and interfere with rest. But some of these problems can be solved only by a competent selection of appliances.

For example, it is desirable to choose a refrigerator with a noise level of 25-34 dB. It is also necessary to install an extractor hood, and when choosing it two aspects should be taken into account: power and noise level. Choosing these elements correctly, you will create a cozy and comfortable living space.


Both the living room and the kitchen use a large number of household items that need to be stored in designated areas. If possible, it is better to use as much free space as possible in a useful way, the placement of shelving and various shelves should be thought of at the planning stage.


The more light in the room, the more spacious it seems, in a space as large as the living room combined with the kitchen, one central lighting will be too little. You can place a massive chandelier over the sofa group, and the rest of the space should be supplemented with local light sources, floor lamps or table lamps.

In the kitchen, spotlights or track lighting systems will work well, as an additional light you can install LED lighting on the shelves or under the hinged cabinets.

As you can see, the process of combining the kitchen with the living room is not an easy matter, but this layout will help to use the available space functionally, without cluttering it.


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