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Choosing a wallpaper with a pattern

When selecting wallpaper should be guided by your own aesthetic preferences, as well as their functionality, because they have to work to solve specific interior problems.

Changing the proportions

If you want to visually move the wall, then use dark or bright wallpaper. You can choose a version with a large pattern, but so that it does not draw attention away from the background. Also change the proportions of the room can be photo wallpaper with a perspective. This method would look especially good in a narrow corridor or an elongated room.

More light

In order that the room was more light, you can use light glossy wallpaper or metallic. Such models will reflect light and disperse it evenly throughout the room.

Align the walls

Wallpaper can visually correct small errors in the plaster walls. If you need to hide irregularities, you should pay attention to mottled patterns: zigzags, waves, etc. And it is better to choose a matte structure, because gloss will only emphasize the relief.

Decorating the background

If you want to place a collage, a collection of photos, pictures or some decorative elements on the wall, then as the background you need to choose a discreet wallpaper. A good option - pastel colors, let's say a small drawing. And if your task is to make a background for bright furniture, then wallpaper with a pattern, the color of which at least partially coincides with the upholstery of upholstered furniture, will help you.

Raise the ceiling

Here to help will come a well-known rule: vertical lines perfectly visually raise the ceiling. Ideally, if the stripes are narrow, because wide stripes can, on the contrary, ground the ceiling. A great solution is to combine wallpaper with wall panels, the main thing is to place them at the right height. The optimal option - a third of the wall.

Fill the walls

Some wallpaper can itself, without any additions, become a decoration for a blank wall. Wallpaper with a large pattern will cope especially well with this task.


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