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Choosing a desk

For students and people whose professions are connected with intellectual activity, it is very important to choose a quality desk for home. Working in total comfort can bring one hundred percent results, and the right desk and chair, in addition, preserve the health of the back. In this article we will figure out how to choose the right desk taking into consideration its parameters and your needs.

Optimal desk dimensions

The standard height of the desk for an adult is approximately 75-80 cm, its length — not less than 100 cm, and the width of the table top — on average from 35 to 60 cm.

The desk for a schoolchild should be selected in accordance with the age and height of the child. The furniture should be practical, functional and not heavy. The best choice will be a table with a single drawer under the table top. So the child will always have at hand books and the necessary writing materials. Also, when buying should be taken into account that children grow very quickly, and the desk they used at 5-6 years old will soon become too low for them. The optimal solution would be to buy a model with an adjustable height table top and the same chair.

The table for people whose occupation is closely related to precise lines or art (designers, artists, architects, decorators) should be large. This is due to the peculiarities of the profession — to unfold and work with large paper formats with sketches and drawings on the table of medium size will be a bit heavy and uncomfortable. Therefore, for such professions it is better to choose furniture with the size of the tabletop from 70 cm in width and from 120 cm in length. Also an excellent choice would be a table with an adjustable angle of inclination of the table top — so it would be convenient to draw and draw even sitting.

A desk in the study

In choosing a desk for the study you, first of all, should be guided by your own preferences and requests. Only you decide whether it will be compact or massive model, with or without pattern, laconic or multifunctional with lots of built-in drawers.

And if we are talking about furniture for the cabinet, where you need to receive visitors and unobtrusively demonstrate the high status of his position, the table should not just be practical, but also have the appropriate look. Expensive type of wood, carved decor and shape of the legs — all this will tell about you as about the respected specialist.

A table for the bedroom

If the bedroom does not also perform the function of the office, the desk is selected in accordance with the style of the room. For example, in a bedroom in the Provence style will look good with light furniture with a light carved decoration. The interior in the style of high-tech or modern perfectly fit a minimalistic table without patterns and with a small number of drawers, and maybe even without them. But for art deco suit a model with a dark glossy surface and shaped legs — laconic and luxurious at the same time.

There are the different types of desks:

  • table-console — to tell the truth, such a table is difficult to call a desk, but this type of furniture is convenient to use where conventional items can not be used. For example, in the bedroom, the console can be used when there is no particular need for a desk, but periodically you write by hand;

  • desk comodo — the design of such a model is a table with two tables, located under the desk top on both sides. Such a desk is great for those who work with a lot of papers or books;

  • desk with shaped balusters — it can be a spectacular accent in the interior. Today it is not very popular, but connoisseurs of antique furniture will appreciate them;

  • office desk — a standard desk with several drawers to store a small number of documents.


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