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Choosing a chandelier for your home

The right lighting can transform any room, emphasize the interior and make the room more comfortable. Light is able to affect the physical and psychological state of the person, so it is necessary to take seriously the choice of lighting devices. In this article, we will analyze several factors that you should pay attention to when buying a chandelier.

Features of the choice

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a chandelier is the size. This figure depends on the total area and height of the room. The optimal size of the chandelier can be calculated by the formula:

Chandelier height (in centimeters) = ceiling height (in meters) / 4

This calculation helps you to choose optimal size model exactly according to your needs.

The second factor that affects the choice is the type of mounting. It is necessary to choose before you start the repair. There are two types of mounting of modern chandeliers:

  • slat;

  • hooked.

Hooked is used to hang heavy and massive models, for all others are well suited slat mount.

The next aspect when buying a chandelier is the type and number of lamps used. This affects the quality and power capacity of the light fixture. The main types of lamps:

  • fluorescent;

  • halogen;

  • incandescent lamps.

Types of bulbs should be chosen in advance, because each type has its own socket, and in the future, replacing bulbs can be a problem. You should also take into account that modern halogen and fluorescent bulbs are 30-40% more economical than conventional bulbs.

Style and color design

When buying a chandelier, it is worth paying attention to the direction of light. Very bright light can make you feel uncomfortable and irritate your eyes. Style and color palette should be chosen according to the interior. The model should fit well into the design of the room and harmoniously complement the other elements of the room.

For example, for the style of minimalism or modernity perfectly suits the model with high-tech finishing, and in a more classic, vintage style warm chrome steel will fit well. You can opt for a more universal models that fit all trends. This solution will allow you to successfully fit a classic model.

We advise you to approach the choice of a chandelier responsibly and creatively, so that it becomes a pleasant and aesthetic addition to your home. With careful use and proper care, the chandelier will delight you and your family with pleasant light and beautiful appearance for a long time.


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