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Choosing a bathtub for home

Almost everyone associates the bathroom with something personal. Often it is associated with the bath itself, because taking it is similar to a spa, when there is an opportunity to relax and wash away fatigue and negativity. In the bath we dream, relax, sing, read and drink champagne. So it's not surprising that everyone wants to buy the most comfortable model, which will be beautiful and durable.

As soon as you have a desire to buy a bathroom, you start a long and fascinating quest to find the best variant. To choose such sanitary ware means to take into account all the necessary characteristics and to find the golden mean between what is fashionable, beautiful, high-quality and, of course, comfortable. In this article, we will try to figure out what you need to know about the bathtub, going shopping.

The material of the bathtub

The material from which the bowl is made, dictates our price, durability and ease of care. Today, the most popular materials on the market are: cast iron, acrylic, steel, marble and artificial stone.

Cast iron bathtubs — one of the most popular options, this is due to their durability. With proper care, the surface of the cast iron model will look like new, and the bath itself will serve you for decades. When water hits the surface, it does not make a rattle. Even old bathtubs with yellowing can be painted and restored, which prolongs their use almost indefinitely. The main thing is not to destroy the enamel when carrying it, because the weight of such a tub is quite impressive. Taking into consideration all these factors, you can understand that a cast-iron bath is not cheap, but all its advantages easily cover this price.

Acrylic baths are not replaceable favorites of consumers. They combine an impressive functionality — a wide range of colors and shapes, lightness and heat capacity. The cost of such a variant depends on the number of reinforcing layers that ensure its reliability and durability. Acrylic models require careful and gentle care — without the use of loose detergents, as this material is very easy to scratch.

Steel bathtubs have become popular again — mainly due to their relatively affordable price. Steel is strong and lightweight, and steel sanitary ware can also take a variety of shapes. With cast iron, of course, it does not compare: it does not hold the temperature as well and is quite noisy when drawing water. It is also worth paying attention to the thickness of the metal, so it does not "play" from the heavy weight.

Marble baths belong to the type of sanitary ware, which will never go out of fashion. They symbolize luxury and design classics. Cheap marble baths simply do not exist, because here the advantage is not only the appearance, but also the performance. Marble bowl is durable, holds temperature well, it does not make noise and can withstand any weight. Care for such a model, in spite of popular opinions, is not complicated at all.

Artificial stone bathtubs are a good substitute for marble bathtubs. Artificial stone can withstand heavy loads and does not require special care. The shape and color are chosen according to your preferences. At a price it is much more affordable than marble, but to the category of cheap materials it is also difficult to attribute. The weight of such a variant is not insignificant, so when buying such a model, it is better to order delivery at once.

What is fashionable now?

Choosing the material of the bath, it is necessary to study the range, relevant in today's market. Now in trend are oval and rectangular baths, rounded and triangular. Popularity and angular models, as well as design and asymmetric baths. Freestanding baths are still actual. Popular choices are colored fronts with black or blue shades.


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