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Choice of bathroom sinks

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine any home without a washbasin. Of course, it is a practical and vital attribute in every home. But in recent years washbasins are gaining popularity and as a decorative element. In sanitary ware stores there is a huge selection of models of different shapes and colors. There is a large number of popular brands that specialize in the production of a variety of washbasins: Cersanit, Ravak, Kolo, Devit, Roca, Koller pool, Kludi, Duravit. They take the leading positions not only for a reason, these companies have a long list of advantages:

  • high quality;

  • affordable prices;

  • easy assembly mechanism;

  • interesting design;

  • the ability to order on the Internet.

Features of modern washbasins

There are three different forms of washbasin:

  • wall-mounted washbasin. This model is attached to the wall. The faucet can be located on the sink, or it can also be installed in the wall. It is also called "console washbasin", this model is the most popular among other options. Among its advantages we can highlight the fact that under it there is always a free space where you can put the necessary household items, but among the disadvantages — protruding pipes that look, to put it mildly, unaesthetic, and which need something to cover;

  • built-in washbasin. Most often it comes with a tabletop or cabinet, made of waterproof materials. This model is either built into the cabinet or installed on it. The objective plus of such a washbasin — aesthetic appearance and advantageous accentuation of the interior, the disadvantage — a high price;

  • tulip basin. It consists of two parts: a bowl (drain element) and a leg (stand). This model is great for homes where the walls may not be able to withstand a hinged hand washbasin. Pros — in the leg you can hide all the pipes and fittings. Cons — most often such models are quite low.


The most popular materials for washbasins today are marble, ceramic, metal and glass. In particular demand are, of course, ceramic products, they are divided into two types: faience and porcelain. Visually, they are almost the same. All the difference in cost and surface (porcelain is more expensive and has a smooth surface). Metal ones are made of stainless steel and are best for the kitchen. Glass washbasins have an unusually beautiful design, but their cost is also appropriate. Marble models are suitable for true connoisseurs of beauty, but like glass, they need special care and are not cheap.


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