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Ceiling lights in the interior

Overhead ceiling lights of small dimensions have become a good alternative to classical lighting in design. In many modern interior styles, designers have begun to abandon the pompous, massive chandeliers. Lighting fixtures look stylish, and besides, they are quite practical and much more economical, so in small rooms with low ceilings, they are indispensable. A large chandelier in a room like this, even if it is mounted under the ceiling, will look rather low, and the light will be scattered not enough light flux, as part of the luminescence goes to the ceiling.

In our time on the market of lighting devices for buyers a huge range of ceiling fixtures from European, Asian and American manufacturers. Pick stylish models that fit harmoniously into the interior is not difficult.

Soft light allows you to experiment with lighting, make a light emphasis on a particular area, subject or accessory (eg, a mirror, desk, dining table, chair, which you often read a book, or a particular area of the room). As a result, you can achieve original lighting that no other chandelier or lamp is capable of replicating.

The light of ceiling lamps does not have such a destructive effect on the eyesight as conventional lighting fixtures. Therefore, they are often used in offices, business and shopping centers, educational institutions, in general, where often quite a lot of people. As a rule, they use fluorescent light bulbs. If the lamps use argon or neon, then the lights may have a certain color glow. That is why they are also in demand in 24-hour establishments and nightclubs.

Overhead ceiling lights are attached to the ceiling surface (overhead), or installed in suspended ceilings (recessed), or hang like chandeliers (they do not have a long central bar, so they are much closer to the ceiling).


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