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Books in the interior

It would seem that in these days of high technology, books have lost their former popularity, since any information can be recorded digitally and read from a screen instead of setting aside half a room for literature. But there are still lovers of the book in its classic form. That's why every other modern interior has a home library, and owners and designers are looking for and finding ways to organize space for an ever-growing collection. How to place books in the apartment, so that to use the library was not only convenient, but also pleasant? In this article we have prepared some interesting ideas.

All colors of the rainbow

Storage of the family library is a serious issue, but this does not mean that the storage system can not introduce a share of originality. For example, arrange the spines by colors, so that when looking from the outside the library created the effect of a beautiful gradient. This way of organizing books suits those who are familiar with their own collection and remember that the collection of Pushkin's works should be sought in burgundy spines, and not the initials — because to arrange the books by color and take into account the alphabetic or chronological order is almost impossible.

A little intrigue

Some laconic interiors are contraindicated to an explosion of contrasting shades, which is inevitably brought by multicolored book covers. Try putting the publication back pages forward or wrapping the book in a white or any other cover: these techniques allow for color uniformity. How to navigate in such a library? Make a layout plan before the books go on the shelves.

Transformer shelves

A library is not only a corner of stability in a changing world, but also an extremely fluid structure: one day everyone is faced with the fact that there is no more shelf space for new acquisitions. In most cases, transformer shelves help solve the problem. This storage system involves having shelves with adjustable heights attached to a metal frame. If you notice that the shelving space is running low, the shelves can be "compacted" to make room for additional surface.

Filling in the voids

It happens that there is no space left in the room for either a bookcase or hanging shelves. In this case, you have to use non-obvious space reserves — for example, the distance between the side panel of the closet and the wall or the space under the ceiling. If you are faced with the problem of lack of space at the stage of selecting furniture, look for built-in designs: they allow you to "frame" the sleeping or sitting area with shelves.

In the corners

Perhaps the most compact way to store books — collect them in a neat pile in the corner: so in the interior you can do without a bulky shelf. Anticipating possible objections, we note: the books in this case are not placed on the floor, and on a metal base with a thin "back.

The frame is invisible from the outside — it seems that the books do not hold anything. In practice, the high pile will quickly collapse from a draft if it is not supported.

Unusual Order

If you read on impulse — that is, you just take a book from the shelf that you liked the cover or is at eye level — sooner or later you will notice that some volumes leafed through five times and others — not once. Want some variety? Change the layout: instead of arranging books in alphabetical order, arrange them from Y to A, or visually divide the closet into two halves — let one "live" classic literature, and the other — books by modern authors.

Book box

A small child is interested not only in reading, but also in playing with books. The more so in most modern children's publications allowed play elements — 3D-figures, windows with tasks, etc. It is important for a child to be able to choose the right book. And for this children's literature should be kept at a child's height. A great idea — a box for children's books. In this case, the child learns to fold things independently and maintain order.

Literature as an art object

A large library might look cool and modern, especially if you find unusual shelves for it, or arrange the books in such a way that they emphasize the general stylistic solution of the room.


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