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Black flooring in the interior

Black flooring is quite an ambiguous element of the interior. On the one hand — it is an invariable classic. But on the other hand — when choosing a floor covering, many people prefer not to experiment and choose more neutral shades, arguing that the dark finish will make the space more gloomy. But these assumptions are in vain — black flooring in the interior looks elegant and stylish.

Black flooring will refresh the interior of any room. With this choice, the space will look full even with a minimal amount of furniture.

Advantages of using black flooring

Recently, black coverings are quite common in interiors, as they have the following advantages:

  • versatility. Dark floors are appropriate in any interior style and in any room;

  • appearance. Black flooring will bring to the room uncommonness and special aesthetics;

  • emphasize the expressiveness of the room. This is ensured by the fact that the black flooring suits any shade of walls. It looks especially good with wallpaper, decorated with a large pattern.

Despite the growing popularity of black floors, the dark flooring is not as popular as, for example, brown wood flooring. The fact is that for the comfortable use of such products, it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  • many people fear that the dark coating will visually reduce the area of space, and in some ways this is indeed true. Dark surface does not reflect the light, but on the contrary — absorbs it, it must be taken into account when planning the interior: it is better to give preference to light wall decoration, it will balance the color scheme of the room, due to which its metrage will not seem visually smaller;

  • for rooms with black floors, you need to choose the right lighting. On the location of lighting devices depends largely on whether or not the dark covering will visually decrease the room. If you opted for a matte finish, it is better to arrange the lighting so that the rays of light were directed not to the floor, and in the side for even dispersion. Also for dark floors, multilevel lighting is great. It is able to slightly expand the boundaries of the room and make any space wider and brighter;

  • to care for a glossy dark floor is much more difficult than the matte. Therefore, if you do not want to constantly clean the flooring from even the smallest dirt, it is better to give preference to a matte surface.

Material for black floors

Today in stores the buyer is given a wide range of different flooring. Manufacturers offer products in a variety of colors and shades, and if you still prefer black, then you have to make a choice from the following materials:

  • natural parquet. For its manufacture, most often oak is used. This material is quite original and environmentally friendly, but it is worth considering the fact that it is better not to use it in rooms with high humidity;

  • ceramic tiles. This option can be used in any room, is the best option for the bathroom and kitchen;

  • laminate. Black laminate has a lot of positive qualities: wear resistance, moisture resistance, durability, etc. This material is suitable for absolutely any room;

  • porcelain tiles. Floor covering of dark porcelain stoneware looks elegant and spectacular. The only drawback of the material — it is quite cold to the touch. It can be installed in any room, depending on the style of the space;

  • carpeting. Black carpeting is best suited for the bedroom and children's room. It is comfortable, warm and pleasant to the touch.

As you can see, there is a large choice of floor coverings in black. The choice of material depends primarily on the room in which you plan to install the floor: pay attention to the load on the floor covering, the temperature fluctuations and the level of humidity. With the right choice, you will get a quality and durable flooring that will completely transform the appearance of the room.


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