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Billiards in the house

Billiards has long ceased to be something incomprehensible and inaccessible. World competitions in billiards, which are regularly organized around the world, have made this sport very popular. This game requires dexterity, strength, a sharp mind and an excellent memory. To have billiards at home for many people has become a vital necessity, so today it appears more and more often in suburban residences. And today we are going to find out what to pay attention to when buying all the necessary accessories and installing the billiard table.


The main object of the game is of course the billiard table. This is the element on which in no case you can save money. After all, all the skill of the players can come to naught if the surface is made of inappropriate materials. Artificial wood and composite board can reduce the quality of the game. On such a table, the element of chance becomes extremely high, so all players' strategies become meaningless.

The size of the table is different for each type of game. Russian table can be 12, 11 and 10 feet (1 foot = 30.48 cm) in length, pool table — 9, 8 and 7 feet. The snooker table is made in a single size of 12 feet. A pool table is usually massive and heavy. It often has five slabs made of special stone at its base. Each slab weighs about 200 kg, and the weight of the table is about 1100-1200 kg. Therefore, the main criteria of a good billiard table — is the use of natural materials in the manufacture of products (they are more durable) and resistance to constant shocks during the game.

Think beforehand about where to install the billiard table, it is best to install it in the basement or on the first floor. The upper floors are not suitable for installing a full-size billiard table, for it is too heavy and must necessarily rest on the foundation. For this reason, before building a house is better to think in advance about what place will be set aside for billiard room, and where exactly the table will be installed.

Cloth for the table

Cloth performs an important function: it prevents the balls bouncing and softens the hits. It is pulled tightly over the stone base of the table, as the cloth should be like a natural covering of the upper stone slab.

The color of the cloth is determined by the homeowner, here it all depends on the interior of the room. The most common option is green, but red and blue are quite acceptable, in terms of shades the choice is almost unlimited.

The cue

Cue is the second most important element of a billiard game. The average length of a cue varies from 1,4 m to 1,6 m. It depends on the player's height and the game he prefers. A cue can be also dismountable, and consist of two or three parts (but no more than that). This way it is easier to store and transport. To keep cue in its original form and save it for a longer time you can buy a special case or hermetical metal case.


Experienced players recommend to buy two similar sets at once. Because balls get broken or lost, so the second set is definitely not superfluous. Balls are made of a special hard plastic that is resistant to shocks. Care for them is absolutely uncomplicated: you just need to wipe them from time to time.


The classic form of a lighting fixture hanging over the billiard table is a cone. So the laws of physics determined: it is this form allows the best way to illuminate the center of the table, corners and pockets.

Billiard equipment at home

Designers recommend combining in the interior of the billiard room dark rich colors, wood, expensive cloth with the color of the walls and ceiling. The integrity of the interior is given by wooden ceiling beams, solid furniture, similar in texture to the table, solid floor boards, warm tone of the walls decoration.


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