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Bedside lamp in the bedroom

The bedside lamp is a lamp that is placed beside the bed and serves as a source of dim light, thus creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere in the room. In the evening it replaces the central lamp on the ceiling, allowing you to get ready for bed in peace.

Types of bedside lamps

There are many classifications by which to distinguish bedside lamps. And every year there are more and more types of lamps, because the manufacturers of lamps are trying to create something new and unusual, in order to attract the customer. Most often, bedside lamps are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • by purpose: distinguish bedside lamps in the room for: children (decorated in bright colors, with drawings of cartoon characters or toys), teenagers (minimalist design, can be with bright or pastel colors) and adults (noble forms, sometimes with a vintage performance);

  • material: metal, glass, plastic and even wood or ceramics can be used for the production of fixtures;

  • the system of switching on or off the light: you can turn it on or off by: a classic push-button system, by touching the lamp with your hand (if the fixture has a special chip) or by clapping;

  • the shape of the lamp: it can be: in the form of a lampshade, rounded, have an unusual geometric shape.

Why is it worth buying a bedside lamp?

Stylish bedside lamps are dominated by a number of advantages, thanks to which the room becomes cozy:

  • such accessories look stylish, their installation makes the interior more interesting;

  • they emit a soft, muted light, which contributes to evening relaxation;

  • in modern luminaires, manufacturers install a lot of interesting nuances, for example, a small shelf for storing a book or a cup holder;

  • in stores, you can also find interesting models for children. There are lamps that can project different images on a dark wall or ceiling.

What to pay attention to when buying?

Before buying a lamp in the bedroom, you need to decide on the style of the model. Perhaps you prefer a classic version with a lampshade, or a small lamp with a wooden base for a Scandinavian interior, or maybe a better option of extravagant form for high-tech — the choice depends on the overall style decision of the whole room. Next, it is necessary to choose the type of switch, now it is very popular regulators of brightness. And the last, important, point — the price. High-quality lamp can be found as among the budget, and among the expensive options.

Design solutions

Evening lights will complement any design idea. No matter what interior style you have chosen for the room — you can pick up your model to any solution. Wires can be hidden in the bedside table (this point must be taken into account when buying a bedside table). And luxurious crystal lamps will complement the interior with fabulous highlights.

As you can see, choosing a good lamp is not difficult. The main thing is to consider the main characteristics when buying: purpose, quality, design and price.


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