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Bathroom furniture

In every home the bathroom has a special place, because all family members visit it every day for several times, so the situation in the room should be practical and comfortable, and it depends on the quality and arrangement of furniture sets. To select the furniture in the bathroom should be especially careful, because you need to consider many factors: the size of the room, location of communications, high humidity and temperature fluctuations, but about everything in order.

Types and features of bathroom furniture

Today, stores provide a wide range of choice of furniture for the bathroom, on the one hand it is good, but on the other hand - it significantly complicates the choice. Furniture set can consist of only two elements, for example, a mirror and a cabinet with a sink, or contain the whole set: a cabinet-panel, a hinged cabinet and a chest of drawers. Most often it depends on the size of the bathroom.

A cabinet with a sink

A cabinet with a sink is in almost every bathroom. The main advantage of this furniture is that it is convenient to store linen, towels, personal care products and cosmetics. Most often there are models with hinged doors and shelves, but you can also find versions with drawers. This type of furniture has a number of advantages:

  • convenience (necessary care products are always at hand);

  • practicality (rational use of space under the sink);

  • aesthetics (siphon and other communications are hidden in the cabinet and do not spoil the general picture of the interior).

Also the cabinet with a sink is ideal for a small bathroom, as it saves space and allows practical use of it.

Peninsula cabinet

In the cabinet of the peninsula you can easily place hygiene products, cosmetics and various bathroom accessories. Thanks to the capacity of this type of furniture, you can easily keep order in the bathroom and always have everything at hand. A bathroom cabinet usually has many shelves and drawers.

Chests and drawers

A great alternative to the closet is a chest of drawers. It is suitable only for spacious rooms, but in a small bathroom it will be uncomfortable. When choosing a dresser is better to give preference to models with legs or on high platforms. Since the floor usually accumulates moisture, and the contact of furniture with it leads to rapid damage.

Hinged cabinets are mounted on the wall and allow you to rationally use the space of the bathroom. They are convenient, practical and do not clutter the space.

Mirror surfaces

The mirror is an integral part of every bathroom. A variety of mirrors in furniture stores will pleasantly surprise you. They can be with lighting, with shelves or framed in a beautiful frame. A cabinet with a mirror will be a practical option. Often such hinged cabinets are installed over a cabinet with a sink, it is very practical and ergonomic.

Features of choice

In order to make the bathroom stylish and comfortable with the help of furniture, when choosing, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the area (for a large space you can buy a whole set of furniture, the main thing is not to clutter the bathroom and stick to a single style. For small bathrooms you should choose only necessary and functional furniture so as not to take up all the space);

  • style (all pieces of furniture should be made in a single style and harmoniously complement the interior);

  • material (when choosing a material it is necessary to take into account its resistance to moisture and temperature changes).

When choosing bathroom furniture the main thing is not in a hurry and to calculate all the key points so that the bathroom was comfortable and beautiful.


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