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Anti-stress trends in the interior

The last two years have shown how important stress resistance and the ability to abstract to situations are, and it is not surprising that even the trend for calm, calming decorations has reached the interior. Now in vogue are pastel shades, comfortable soft headboards, cozy products from wicker and light wood, and also in a trend suddenly broke into maximalism, but about everything in order.

Catch the "zen"

Minimalism is still one of the most popular trends in the interior. This style transforms a room into a virtually empty space with the most necessary pieces of furniture and discreet decor. In such an environment it's easy to relax, it does not excite the psyche, it smells of tranquility. And in order to make a minimalistic room did not look like a hospital room the interior should be "diluted" with warm natural shades, light wood, textured textiles.

And what about the maximalism?

But not all of the interior "I want" can be included in the minimalism, because sometimes you want to add to the room extravagant decor, neon lighting or bright wicker cushions in the style of the 70's. Sound familiar? Well, then we advise to pay attention to the forgotten maximalism, which is becoming popular again.

Maximalism is a kind of anti-stress, because it allows you to put a lot of favorite things, but the main thing is not to go too much, so the room does not look like a flea market. In itself, the maximalism is not a style, so there is no clear limits for its design. You can decorate the interior in both modern and classic style or in a relaxed boho, and maybe even in a bold pop art. The main thing is not to make the interior decoration pressure you, but to relax and make it positive. One of the most interesting trends in this style is the "grandmother's chic". So they call the embodiment of maximalism, which were inherent in the Soviet houses — massive furniture, an abundance of colored pillows, a lot of plants, pictures — in general, the same grandmother's comfort.

Multifunctional bedroom

Not so long ago, the computer desk in the bedroom was not very popular. But 2020 has made its own adjustments to interior features: when people began to work from bedrooms and kitchens more often than from offices, many have revised their approach to their living spaces. The workspace in the bedroom is now the guest of honor - it's not hidden away, but made as ergonomic as possible. It is now increasingly common to see windowsills and countertops converted into desks, integrated into a shelving system.

Let's go back to nature

The trendy shades of 2021 have two important functions: they inspire optimism and peacefulness. It is especially worth paying attention to the cheerful sunny tones, warm earth and spice tones. The base color of beige is still popular - it is the best option for those who do not like white walls, but do not want to use bright colors either. Cool tones are also borrowed from nature: mint, light blue colors and green shades of woods are in trend.

Naturalism is evident in the design not only in colors, but also in the presence of vegetation and animalistic prints, and, of course, in the use of natural materials.

Using wood

Among natural materials, the most popular in 2021 is light wood. It is used for headboards, walls, floors, ceilings, decor, etc. Also among the "plant" favorites were rattan and jute. Baskets, wicker furniture, mats and lampshades perfectly complement the atmosphere of natural design.


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