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6 decorative details that will transform an interior

If the old interior is bored, and you want something new and colorful, then we offer you a list of five items that can easily transform the design space beyond recognition.

Interesting light

Lighting is an important part of the interior. It performs both a practical function, and decorative, harmoniously complementing the design of the room and emphasizing its accents. Therefore it is better to replace the old chandeliers and boring fixtures with something more modern and unusual.

For example, instead of a standard light fixture, you can buy a composition of candles or several lamps at once. Such a design of light sources will become a real art object and will make the interior much more colorful. Think about it, maybe in your house will look great chandelier in the form of a cage with a bird, or lighting in the form of an animal, or just interesting bright sconces. Do not be afraid to experiment, the main thing is to take into account the stylistic solution of the room when buying, so that all the elements would form a single composition.

A big picture

Postmodern cubism, a mountain landscape, a vintage poster or a portrait of Marilyn Monroe in the pop art style — choose what you like. The main thing is that the painting should inspire you and fit in well with the existing interior. A big bright spot in a moment will dilute the boring atmosphere and attract the attention of every guest.

When choosing the size of the canvas you should take into consideration the fact that there should be enough space around the picture. Art likes space, so it's better to leave indents on all sides, as if the picture was framed in another frame. But a canvas pressed tightly against the furniture is an extremely bad idea.

Bright sofa

Often, when choosing furniture, people give preference to neutral options, which have a discreet coloring and do not particularly attract attention. Relying on color combinations, proven by time and not one interior is not bad, but we suggest bringing a bright accent into the room, which before it was even scary to think about. A bright sofa is the perfect solution for reviving a quiet interior, the color scheme of which is decorated in white, gray and beige.

Especially good colored sofas look good in monochrome interiors. The obvious advantage is that in this case the furniture does not need to be matched with a pair in the form of textiles of the same shade.


Monochrome curtains are an invariable classic. They fit well in any interior and act as a background for the overall design of the room, but they will not be able to refresh it and give the room charm. If you want to renew textiles, pay attention to color, pattern and texture.

Also take into consideration the time of the year: in summer airy tulle of light blue or green colors will be very appropriate, and in the fall, heavy curtains in "cozy" colors like brown, dark yellow or reddish will look more harmonious.


If your heart desires something large and bright, then the finishing will come to help. For example, you can make an accent wall in the living room or bedroom. Just do not forget that it will be very difficult to get rid of such an accent later, so it must be well thought out and clear.

It is important that the accent wall combined with the style of one room and the whole house, not standing out from the big picture, and fit harmoniously into the environment.


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