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Visually expand the bathroom

As a rule, even a small bathroom can be made cozy and modern by expanding the space of the room with a few easy tips. There are many techniques that designers use, such as color combinations, the right choice of bathroom fixtures, the use of mirrors, lighting, etc. Let's take a closer look at all these ways.

Color combinations

First, the walls in a small room should be decorated in light or pastel colors. If the walls are tiled, then its color scheme should also be light.

Secondly, in small rooms it is better not to use bright combinations, because they visually reduce the space. It is better to give preference to monochrome combinations, where there are more light tones than contrasting ones.

Thirdly, to visually expand the bathroom you can use stripes. For example, if you decide to cover the walls with paint, try to touch up 2-3 centimeters of the ceiling to visually raise it. In addition, experts recommend using moldings made of foam plastic in such cases, they can also create the illusion of a high ceiling.

Fourth, if you need to "move up" the walls in width, then use horizontal stripes on the walls, and if you need to make the room higher, use vertical stripes.

Choosing sanitary ware and furniture

In order to ensure that the furniture together with plumbing fixtures do not clutter the small bathroom, they should be proportionate. It is also worth considering replacing the bathtub with a practical shower cabin.

As for placing small items (bottles with a variety of shampoos and balms, jars of cream), which are usually located on the sides of the bathroom or on shelves near the mirror, they often visually reduce the room. Therefore it is better to use for their storage built-in niches or a hanging cabinet. It is worth considering that the arrangement should be laconic. So if you want to hang curtains, they should be kept open and closed only when taking a shower.

Mirrors and reflective surfaces

Mirrors and mirrored surfaces will perfectly help you in the visual enlargement of the bathroom. Cabinets with tinted glass would also work well. Large mirrors are known to visually expand the walls and tall mirrors raise the ceilings. If you want to achieve both the first and the second effect, then use a large square mirror. In addition, you can make one wall in the form of a mirror surface.


For a small bathroom, it is best to install multilevel lighting. Also, if it is more convenient for you, you can install a central lamp or several spot lights, which are built into the ceiling. Today, a very popular solution was the LED strip, located in a specially designated niche, namely, along the perimeter of the ceiling. Do not forget about the lighting over the mirror or on both sides. You can also embody a popular now design solution — use lights that are built into the floor steps, if available.

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