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The subtleties of choosing a dresser for the bedroom

Dresser is one of the most important elements of the bedroom, it performs many functions, giving the room a cozy and orderly atmosphere. Today the range of dressers is amazing with a wide range of choices, the models differ not only in design, but also in purpose.

Some chests of drawers replace the drawer in the room, performing more of a decorative function, and there are more functional, to store things. In this article, we will consider the varieties of a dresser and the peculiarities of its choice.

Advantages of dressers

The dresser can safely be considered universal furniture, in which you can put both linen and accessories, as well as other elements of clothing. Today in furniture stores you can find models of different sizes, colors and designs. Dressers differ in their capacity, there are models with two or three drawers, and there are such that can easily replace the closet.

Dressers can have several basic features:

  • dimensions. Today's range of furniture allows you to buy a dresser that is suitable for almost any area of the room. For the bedroom, more compact models of a variety of forms are produced, you can pick up a variant for any interior;

  • principle of operation. Dressers for the bedroom are almost silent, since the mechanism takes into account the needs of the owners for normal rest;

  • modifications. There are variants without limiters, with standard shelves, and there are dressers with special limiters that regulate the extension of the shelves (such variants are better to buy in a house where there are children).

Corner dressers

Today in the world of design are increasingly popular corner dressers, such models have an attractive design, they take up little space and make the room more cozy. Especially good corner dressers are suitable for rooms with small size.

Corner models differ in configuration and design features, they can be:

  • triangular;

  • radius;

  • semicircular.

Some models have additional shelves that can be used to arrange home decor. Dressers with shelves are popular as a TV table. For bedrooms, most often buy models in which drawers take up all the space, as they are the most convenient for storing linen and clothes.

Ordinary dressers also have several varieties, distinguish such types:

  • rectangular;

  • in the form of a trapeze;

  • with side sections and without them.

What to pay attention to when buying a dresser?

When choosing a suitable model, you need to consider the following characteristics:

  • the area of the room: a large dresser in a small room will take up too much space, a small dresser in a large room will simply get lost, so the size of the room — this is the first thing to consider when buying;

  • interior style: the furniture should harmoniously complement the environment, so you need to pay attention to the design and colors of the model;

  • functions of the dresser: it is necessary to determine what exactly you buy a dresser for: to store small accessories or clothes, it will have a decor or a TV.

Chest of drawers for the bedroom is the best option for keeping order without cluttering the free space in the room. With the modern assortment everyone will find a variant to their liking, the main thing is to think in advance about the functionality and appearance of the furniture.


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