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Selecting furniture for the living room

The living room is rightly considered the face of the house, because it is here in the first place friends and guests are invited, and evenings in the family circle is also held here. That is why the living room furniture should be chosen carefully, taking into account the functionality of the room, the preferences of the owners and, of course, the quality and size of each piece of furniture. And what else you need to consider when choosing furniture for the living room will help you to understand the following tips.

What furniture should be in the hall?

There is no exact answer to this question, because each of us uses the living room space in his own way. Therefore, before you buy furniture, you need to decide on the main purpose of this room. These can be evenings with friends and relatives talking and watching TV, festive dinners and friendly meals, and maybe the living room will have the additional function of a dining room or a guest room for relatives who are much delayed. All of these occasions require a different set of furniture, but there are still items that must be present in any living room:

  • upholstered furniture: this includes, at a minimum, a sofa, which can be supplemented with armchairs, chairs, poufs, etc., if the space is large;

  • modular furniture: walls and shelves, which is convenient to store the necessary things in the living room and the elements of decor;

  • coffee table: a multifunctional element, on which you can put a cup of coffee, or put a book or a remote control;

  • a TV cabinet (if it is not hanging on the wall).

Choosing a sofa

When buying upholstered furniture, you should consider two factors: the size of the room and the number of necessary seats. In advance you need to think about how many people can be in the room and how many seats they will need, whether it will be exclusively family members or even guests, who are often you have. The main task of placement takes the couch, but if necessary, is to provide additional seating — chairs, chairs or poufs.

Sofa is the main attribute of any living room. If the area of the room allows, you can buy a roomy sofa with a set of chairs, but what about the owners of small living rooms. In this case, there are a few interesting solutions from furniture manufacturers. For example, you can opt for a two-seat sofa, or you can take a corner version. This sofa is almost the same in size as the two-seat sofa, but at the expense of the corner, it can accommodate one more person. But it is worth considering that it is better not to put a corner sofa against a short wall, it will visually make a small room even more tiny.

If a corner sofa is not to your liking, you can use a modular upholstered furniture instead. The modules can be assembled as one large sofa, and sofa together with poufs and chairs. All elements are simply rearranged, giving you the opportunity to change the design of the room to suit your mood.

If the living room area is quite large, then there are a lot of different solutions for such a room. For example, two sofas can be placed opposite each other, putting a coffee table between them. Another great option for a spacious room that combines several zones at once is to place the sitting area in the center of the room. In this case, you need to pay special attention to the back of the sofa and armchairs: everything must be aesthetically pleasing, since they will constantly be in view.

Choosing armchairs

If the living room area allows, it is simply necessary to provide armchairs or poufs. They should be comfortable and functional, and at the same time, of course, fit well into the interior of the room. When buying such furniture must be considered the height: the chair should not be too low, otherwise constant sitting in it may ruin the posture. The optimal height is 45-50 centimeters. In addition, chairs should be soft to sit comfortably, but not too deep, so that it is not difficult to get up.

A wall or a shelf

The wall, which was popular many years ago, is slowly being replaced by a shelving unit in modern design. The reason for this trend is that a shelving unit looks less cumbersome. The shelving unit is well suited for small living rooms, as it allows you to store a lot of things and at the same time not to visually weight and not to reduce the space. Another option for small living rooms is modular furniture. Its elements can be simply rearranged at your discretion, resulting in a functional interior, which at any moment can be easily updated. If you don't want any shelving units and walls, you can use a low floor cabinet: it's roomy and leaves the wall space open: so the living room will be more functional and free.

Coffee Table

The purpose of the coffee table in the living room hardly needs explanation. The modern range of this piece of furniture will make any designer confused. The main thing, choosing the design of the table, do not forget about its functionality. The optimal height is 50 cm. Oval and round tables are less traumatic due to the absence of corners. And the ideal option for a small living room table-cube, inside which you can store some things.


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