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Interior doors with glass inserts

Interior doors are an important element of home decoration. They should be chosen so that they harmoniously complement the environment and, of course, fit well into the interior. Doors with glass inserts look beautiful: they bring more light and space into the room.

For the production of such models the following materials are used:

  • solid wood;

  • veneer;

  • plastic (PVC);

  • MDF.

Thanks to modern technology, glass inserts are durable, so you can not worry about the safety of such a product and those who use it. The treatment of glass by thermal hardening increases its strength by several times. And even if the glass breaks, the splinters will not be large, with non-sharp edges.

Glass inserts can be a variety of shapes — from classic rectangular to a variety of decorative and unusual shapes. The size of the inserts can also be different: both small and almost completely inserted into the entire door base. The latter option is better not to choose for homes where children will live.

A variety of models of interior doors with glass inserts have a number of advantages that make them practical and sophisticated:

  • the variety of forms and ways of covering the glass cloth allow you to implement any design plans and complement even the most unusual stylistic solution;

  • such products are rather easy to care for, because glass can be easily cleaned and washed;

  • constructions with glass inserts allow a large amount of sunlight to penetrate into the room, creating a feeling of airiness and spaciousness.

There are different ways to decorate these products:

  • painting with heat-resistant paints — such paintings somewhat resemble watercolor drawings;

  • stained glass and Venetian glass;

  • corrugated glasses — this is a special type of glass with a surface with a patterned or relief texture, it is an excellent sound insulator;

  • triplex — the most durable models, as they consist of two glasses connected by a polymer film. Such products are also used in the production of glass floors and stairs.

Interior doors with glass inserts are products that can complement any interior and emphasize the details of the design of the stylistic solution of the space.


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