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Eclectic interior

The style of eclecticism appeared in the 19th century and meant a mixture of Renaissance, Baroque and classicism. But nowadays, any interior that cannot be attributed to one particular style is called eclectic.

But does this mean that any random combination of items can be called eclectic? Of course not. Like any other style, it is guided by certain rules and principles, moreover, it is one of the most difficult styles to perform. After all, at one point, combinations of different objects can lead to disaster.

In fact, eclecticism is a mix of everything possible. That is, in one room, classic armchairs and minimalist statuettes can easily be next to each other. Colors, prints and textures can also be mixed, as an eclectic interior is about harmonious combination and blending.

Of course, all design elements should blend together beautifully. Eclectic homes are an expression of the personality of the owner, they are always unlike any other.

Sometimes the eclectic style is condemned for inconsistency and tastelessness, but this opinion is too outdated. Eclecticism allows you not to choose among the many styles you like, it gives you the opportunity to combine them all in one room. By ignoring the strict rules of different styles, you can create your own interior, adjusted only for your tastes and needs. And today we're going to break down the intricacies of eclectic design.


In the interior, it is very important to pay attention to the ratio of elements. Try to use layers, it will greatly improve the organization of the space. In the foreground you need to put small objects, and in the background — those that are bigger. This way the interior will become more interesting and deep.


We advise to combine objects that are very different in style. For example, a modern mirror in a white frame will go perfectly with a classic console of dark shades.


Before you start decorating, you need to clearly determine what styles you want to combine in the interior. It is best to stop at two or three, so it will be possible to avoid cluttering. Decide on the desired atmosphere and create it with the help of interesting nuances of the chosen designs.

Color Palette

Often it is the color that is used to unify the space, it helps to harmoniously combine furniture, decor, textures, etc.

It is ideal to use no more than four colors:

  • the main color (used to finish the walls, floors and ceilings. Usually these are neutral, pastel or dark muted colors);

  • complementary color (color that perfectly blends with the main color, most often used for furniture, carpets and textiles);

  • accent (usually 2-3 colors, with the help of which bright accents are created in the room, diluting the interior).

"Bridges" between the parts.

If some elements of the interior are not fully combined with each other, it is worth adding connecting links. For example, a baroque table and a modern sofa can be "combined" with a vase and cushions of the same color.

Wall decor

The selection of wall decorations is an important part of the design. In the eclectic style, next to classic paintings can hang works by modern artists or posters depicting movie characters. But to make the composition looked harmonious, you need to think about two things.

Firstly, we should consider the number of paintings — our eyes perceive a large number of objects as something uniform, without paying attention to detail. Secondly, to create a harmonious composition, it is worth using the same or similar subjects (for example, only portraits or landscapes).

Do not be afraid to experiment

Connection of things that seem incompatible is the main rule of eclecticism, so do not give up on bold and bright solutions.


The eclectic style is characterized by the use of many decorative items that make the interior more cozy. Here you can give freedom to creativity and imagination, so feel free to use "handmade", souvenirs from different countries, works of art. But remember that abundance looks beautiful until more items begin to press and spoil the interior.


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