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Cushions in the interior

Decorative cushions in modern interiors play an important decorative function. It is no longer necessary to allocate space for them only on armchairs, sofa or bed, in the world of design there are new interesting solutions in this regard. Cushions from the sofa can be moved to the floor, only, of course, if the house is kept warm and clean. Also, these soft objects are used as a pouf-support under the feet. If we consider the cushions from the aesthetic side, there are many options for their symmetrical or chaotic arrangement in the living room.

Small cushions look great on a large sofa, the main thing is to distribute them around the piece of furniture correctly. When decorating the interior, you need to stick to one style, so when buying sofa cushions, you need to consider the following characteristics:

  • color;

  • shape;

  • size;

  • pattern;

  • the overall style of the room.

Decorative cushions should be in harmony with other items in the interior. Most often they are chosen under curtains, plaids, bedspreads, sometimes under furniture accessories. An interesting solution would be the use of pillows of non-standard shapes, such as cylindrical or roll, or completely non-symmetrical forms. Such elements are characteristic of many modern styles: minimalism, high-tech, modern etc.

But we should not forget and ignore the main function of sofa cushions — to provide a comfortable rest for people. Because if you can not lean on the cushions because of the caution not to spoil the created composition, then the living room will simply become a museum, where you can only walk, watch, but do not touch anything. The presence of comfortable and practical elements in the interior is the main requirement, which should be adhered to when creating the design of the space.

Decorative cushions are often used as accents. An excellent solution will be the play of colors: contrast is one of the favorite moves of designers. A harmonious combination of colors and their tones can transform any living room beyond recognition. For example, a leather sofa can be emphasized by cushions with eco-fur trim or inserts with a reptile or leopard print. Now in particular are trending products with geometric patterns, they are perfect for interiors in the style of Provence, high-tech, minimalism, country, etc.

Strict synchronicity in design can be very boring, so it is better to choose such sofa cushions, which will not merge with the sofa, but on the contrary — will create accent points, and thus make the interior more interesting and original. Also, when choosing this element of textile should be based on the overall atmosphere of the room and the style of its design. But the main thing is not to forget that the decor should be first of all comfortable, and only then — aesthetic.


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