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Creating a dressing room in the house

Today, image is an integral part of our lives. We all try to maintain a presentable appearance by choosing high-quality and stylish clothes and shoes. And of course, for such things it is necessary to arrange a special storage place. Firstly, the proper storage of clothing will ensure its neat appearance, and secondly, the presence of such a room will simply facilitate the search and selection of the right image for you.

In this article, we will talk about how to arrange a dressing room in the house, which will simultaneously store all the clothes, shoes and accessories, let's take a closer look at all the subtleties of creating the perfect dressing room.

Separate room

For a full dressing room, it is best to allocate a separate room. To begin with, you need to think about the location of sections for different clothes (casual, formal, festive), shoes and jewelry. A good addition would be a full-length mirror, so that the choice of attire becomes easier.

The most popular location for a dressing room is considered a bedroom, to divide the room into two spaces, you can use a screen or doors. And in order for these two rooms to look organic, we advise to decorate them in the same style.


Before you start planning, it is worth taking into account all the features of the room, well, and of course, to use them correctly. For example, if the room is small, but has a high ceiling, we advise you to install two-level storage systems from floor to ceiling. Things that you wear every day is best placed at eye level, but the festive, formal and non-seasonal outfits can be placed on the second level, this will ensure the comfort of using the room.

Using open or closed sections depends only on your preferences: open ones give a sense of order, and closed ones visually look tidier.


Lighting in the closet, as in any other room, performs an important function. After all, the wrong selection of lamps can spoil even the most thoughtful interior. And if you have a mirror or a coffee table, they should be lighted separately.

Installation of rods

For clothes that crumple quickly, or that are undesirable to store in a folded form (evening dresses, coats, etc.), we advise installing bars. They will help to keep your clothes neat and spend minimal time ironing them.

Designers recommend arranging your closet in such a way that there are more compartments with bars than compartments with shelves. Firstly, such an arrangement again will save time ironing, and secondly, it will save gathering time. But sweaters, knitwear and hats can be stored on shelves, but it is better that the distance between them is sufficient to not create chaos while searching for the right piece of clothing.

Shoe Storage

Shoe compartments should be organized in each walk-in closet. Determine for storage one of the walls, or part of it, if the shoes are few. After placing special shelves or racks on which you can place the shoes: not seasonal models is better to put higher, and everyday — at a comfortable distance of an outstretched hand.


For accessories, it is also necessary to allocate separate storage sections. The most popular option is to place a dresser table, which has sliding drawers around the perimeter. With such furniture, all your accessories will be in their places, which will make them much easier to find.

Furniture Material

It is best to give preference to wood, as it is an environmentally friendly material, has good endurance and looks presentable. And to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, you can use a soft carpet with long pile, on which it will be pleasant to tread, especially in the cold season.


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