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Creating a dream kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most visited and used rooms in the house, so it's best to plan its interior before you start renovating. For a convenient, beautiful and practical layout, you need to have at least some idea of the nuances of design, choice of appliances, material and other details that should not be missed. That's what we want to talk about in this article: how to arrange the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen layout

Before starting any work, you should decide on the layout of the room and how to make it as functional and convenient as possible. It is necessary to plan the location of appliances (stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.) and furniture, and decide on the number of cabinets. It is very important to calculate everything so that the kitchen is as comfortable as possible. It is worth calculating in advance how often you will visit the kitchen, how many people will gather at the table, how many people will cook at the same time, what appliances will be installed and in what place (do not forget about their dimensions). You also need to consider the number of kitchen utensils.

To make the kitchen look beautiful and harmonious, it is better to think through all the details and nuances in advance. In planning, there is a concept of a "work triangle". The work triangle is the name of the area of the room between the refrigerator, sink, and stove. This is the area where nothing should interfere, because it is here that all the work processes during cooking take place: a person takes food from the refrigerator, washes it in the sink, uses the area to cut and clean food, and then connects the stove for cooking.

The shape of the kitchen

There are many types of kitchens: with an island, U- and L-shaped, and many others. How do you choose the right shape for you? Everything is easier than it might seem at first glance, you just need to take into account the functionality and space. Firstly, the space in the room plays an important role in choosing the shape. Secondly, you need to take into account the features of the room and, based on them, select and install furniture and appliances.

One of the main features of modern design is minimalism and the ability to hide objects in the room space. The kitchen should not be overly cumbersome, and the furniture should organically fit into the space. For example, cabinets are quite large and heavy objects that can significantly damage the functionality of the room and its interior, so we advise you to choose a light color scheme that can visually increase the size of the room, and you should also hide the cabinets properly, which will allow you to leave more free space in the room without compromising functionality.

Materials for the kitchen

When choosing materials, it is best to focus on the most comfortable conditions for cooking, for example, the presence of additional lighting that can be turned on automatically using a sensor. You can also install additional lighting for the drawers (internal), install ventilation of the facades to avoid mold, etc.

Household appliances and furniture

When choosing household appliances, it is better to trust trusted brands, because the appliances must be reliable, high-quality and compliant with modern technologies, so that they not only look beautiful and harmonious in the overall kitchen interior, but also be multifunctional and easy to use.

You should also pay enough attention to the choice of furniture, because it determines how convenient and easy it will be to use the room, as well as how impressive it will look.


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