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Choosing a rug for the living room

Some people think that a rug in the living room is a dust collector that needs constant and thorough care; for others it is an essential part of the room's design, which complements the interior and gives the decor a finishing touch. In general, both the first and the second are right. Without a rug, the living room really looks uncomfortable and there is a feeling that something is missing near the chairs and sofa. And yes, this element should be carefully taken care of, however, as well as any piece of furniture in the house. It needs to be cleaned and protected from spilled wine and pets.

As you can see, the carpet has its pros and cons, but they were and will be the finishing touch, which brings the interior into a whole. And how they are chosen in color, pattern, material and size determines the final picture of the design.

The main reasons to lay a carpet in the room:

  • quality thermoregulation and heat retention (especially relevant in country houses);

  • zoning of the space;

  • an interesting decorative detail of the interior.

The living room is the front room, which forms the first impression of the house as a whole, so designers still recommend laying a carpet in the living room.

What should be considered when choosing?

It is better to think about the pattern and coloring of the carpet before you start repairing, because the shades of wallpaper, paint for the walls, fabrics and sofa upholstery — thousands, but the choice of carpet products is much less, so you need to plan the combination beforehand, so the interior will be harmonious and aesthetic.

If it so happened that the repair is already made, but you can not choose a carpet, then in this case there is an option. Some companies offer a service of "trying on" the carpet in the ready interior. The chosen models are brought to your home, laid out, and told about the intricacies of care. Rugs look completely different in the room than in the stores, so trying on them can be a real wand.

If you have furniture on the rug, which is moved around from time to time, it is better to choose a rug with a low pile, so that it won't get crumpled and broken. Particular attention should be paid to the nap and the thickness of the carpet in a room where there is a sofa. Wheels can get stuck in the folds of the carpet and thus ruin its appearance. In this case, it is recommended to put a thin rug mat, which is now very popular.

An important selection criterion is the size of the rug. A mismatch between the size of the room and the carpet can spoil the impression of the interior. The size of the carpet depends on the area of the room, on the place where the carpet will lie, and on the furniture.

If the living room is large and combines several zones (dining room, fireplace room or kitchen), then the carpet is an excellent way to zoning the space. Furniture in a large room is rarely standing "on the wall", usually it is allocated to separate islands, which perform specific functions. For example, the dining area, which consists of a table and chairs, or the recreation area, consisting of sofas and chairs. The ideal for a large living room is a rug on which all the furniture of the "island" will fit, and that it looks out from under the furniture for 10-20 cm. At the same time, it should not reach the wall at least 20-30 cm.

If the living room is not a lot of space and the furniture is partly by the walls, then the best option would be the design, when the front legs of upholstered furniture stand on the carpet, and the back — on the floor. It is difficult to say how many centimeters of carpet should be under the sofa. It is ideal when 1/2 of the furniture stands on the carpet, also looks good 1/3 of the furniture.

Carpet must necessarily be longer than the largest item of "furniture island". For example, in the area of rest the rug should look 10-20 cm on each side of the sofa, even if the sofa is only with front legs on the rug. It wouldn't look good if the sofa and the rug were the same length as the sofa.

What about small rugs? There is an opinion that they are not the best option for the living room. But if we are talking about a very small room, then this option can be very appropriate.

An interesting solution would be a bright decorative rug, which should definitely be placed in a prominent place (they perfectly perform a decorative function).

Before going to the store, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • the perimeter of the arrangement of upholstered furniture: in this way the maximum size of the carpet will be clear;

  • the length of the sofa, so you can calculate the minimum size of the carpet;

  • functional purpose of the rug: you need it for decoration or warmth;

  • carpet style, patterns. Pay attention to visual comfort, especially when it comes to geometric designs, which can easily change the visual room;

  • the shape of the carpet can suggest the shape of the room. For example, in polygonal and round rooms, round rugs will look good.

Carpets are back in fashion, it's a very practical element, and at the same time, it can act as an art object. So even the difficulties of maintenance are not able to reduce their popularity.


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