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Choosing a bedroom closet

The closet is considered the second most important object in the bedroom after the bed, so it is necessary to choose it responsibly. Before ordering or buying a closet, you should decide on the following points:

  • whether you need a lot of space on the shelves;

  • or is it better to have more space for clothes on hangers;

  • the height of the model you need;

  • how many drawers should be in the closet.

Answers to these questions will help you better understand what kind of model you need, and choosing the right option will be much easier.

Closet size

The determining factor in choosing a closet is its size. You should start your search for the right model by measuring the bedroom. If the room is small — it is better to give preference to modest size, one- or two-door closet.

It is best to give preference to a closet with sliding doors, it minimizes the inconvenience of opening them. Also, designers recommend choosing a model with built-in mirrors, thanks to which the room will visually seem more spacious.

If the size of the room allows, you can choose a cabinet with three or more doors. This option is convenient for storing a large number of things, and besides, the shelves can be divided into sections for each member of the family.

In addition to self-contained, there is another type of cabinets — built-in. In most cases, they are used in rooms of large scale, niches and alcoves.

It is necessary to see to it that the closet proportionally corresponds to the rest of the room. For example, a small closet in a large room will look lost and out of place, and a large closet in a small bedroom will take up a lot of space and look too overwhelming.

Style and materials

Next, you need to choose the style and material from which the closet is made. At first glance, the choice seems obvious: a wooden closet — that's it, the most universal solution. But all models have specific elements and details, designs and materials, so for each bedroom you need to choose a different option. For example:

  • classic interior goes well with expensive wood textures, such as mahogany and dark or light espresso finish;

  • the eclectic style fits well with unusual details — interesting textures, colors and geometric shapes;

  • for the modern style will suit the cabinets, made in a minimalist or Scandinavian style;

  • country style combines with rustic textured wooden elements.

Closet should be selected, focusing on the overall style of the bedroom, or link the closet knocked out of the interior with accessories in a similar style.


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