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Choosing a bed for the bedroom

The bed in the bedroom is a cozy place to rest your head and body. And if you manage to choose a good sleeping place, the morning will always be good, no matter what the weather is like and no matter how difficult the day promises to be.


The best solution for the bed frame will be a combination of wood and metal. These materials are durable and strong, a bed with such a base will last for decades. A more budget-friendly option is chipboard with wood lamination. Here, as you can understand, the quality and price are in direct relation.

As for the form that gives the material — here it all depends on your taste preferences. For example, in a small bedroom, the bed on high legs will look better, because it makes the frame lighter. Also under the bed you can install drawers to store bed linen, it will save space. For large rooms the choice is literally unlimited, the main thing in choosing is to consider the design of the room and your preferences.

The base

The base of the bed is, most often, a lattice flooring. It can act as an integral part of the frame and be attached separately. Its main characteristic is the number of crosspieces. The minimum number for a double bed is thirty pieces. The main purpose of the "slatted" base is to distribute the load across the entire mattress.

More complex mechanisms are able to give the base physiological curves, to control this process, they can be controlled at three or five points. Thanks to such bases the load on shoulders and hips is reduced, which ensures the most comfortable sleep. This effect is something like a massage session.


In modern stores the choice of mattresses is huge, you can buy a soft and hard mattress, latex, spring or polyurethane. The main thing is to decide before buying with a budget and basic requirements. It is best to choose a medium-hard or hard mattress (unless, of course, the purchase is due to medical conditions). Polyurethane and latex are well suited for filling the mattress, they provide good support and comfortable sleep. Quality polyurethane mattresses have a memory effect, which means that they adjust to the curves of your body and provide maximum support during sleep.

If you prefer spring mattresses, it is better to choose the springs of the pocket type. In this case, if your bedmate likes to toss and turn in his sleep, you will not even feel it. And of course we should not forget about mattress pads — they are hygienic and convenient: after all, you will agree that it is much easier to wash a mattress pad than to wash a mattress.


The traditional size of a double bed is 160x200 and 180x200 cm. Single beds are 80x200 and 90x200 cm, respectively. The choice of size depends on your requirements and the size of the room. And do not forget that there should be at least 70 cm between the wall and the side of the bed, so that you can comfortably walk up to your bed or put a bedside table.


Upholstered beds — the choice of those who want to bring a note of homeliness into the room. Unusual design of the backrest, massive draped cushions make the interior airy and light. You can refresh a boring interior by combining several types of upholstery fabric in one model.

For easier care of upholstered designer beds, experts recommend buying special fabrics, such as Chenille and eco-leather: they do not get dirty and are easy to care for.


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