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Chalet interior style

A chalet is a small farmhouse in the Alps, characterized by unusual architecture. Literally, the word "chalet" means "shepherd's hut". Chalet architecture was born in the southeastern regions of France, adjacent to the Italian and Swiss territories, but even the French themselves often call such structures "Swiss huts. And in general, if you go deeper into the question, it is more correct to call this style Alpine.

Architectural features

The main feature of the style is the use of natural materials in construction — stone and wood. Metal and plastic are not used in the construction of the house. Most often the preference is given to wood, but the first floor can also be lined with stone. For a building in the Alpine style uses a sloping roof with two slopes, the edges of which project beyond the walls. Thanks to this design, the house has excellent protection from precipitation. The upper floors, together with the attic, are built exclusively of wood, for the basement or cellar choose stone. The foundation is also often made of stone, as it is more reliable and will hold up well in any landscape.

Of course, thanks to modern technology, chalet-style home construction has become more reliable. But nevertheless they are still rustic cabins, solid, cozy and reliable. Mandatory condition of such buildings is a terrace — another feature of the chalet. The final touch of the picture is large windows that fill the room with natural light and make it even more comfortable.

Alpine interior

In the past, alpine interiors were not additionally finished, using the natural structures of stone and wood as natural decorations. Over time, stucco mixes with subsequent painting began to be used to finish stone, and wood is decorated with varnish and carvings. Such decoration allows to emphasize the natural aesthetics of the style without any frills.

Some designers do not recognize the chalet as an independent style. They classify it as a kind of rural or country style, because shale is in many ways similar to the interiors of wooden houses. However, it also has its own characteristics. For example, the Alpine style completely refuses to use artificial materials. The chalet is characterized by simple decor, sometimes handmade, massive wooden furniture, large sofas, chairs and beds, a fireplace or other kind of hearth. Textile elements are often decorated with images of mountain flowers, conifers, and mountains. The walls and floor can be decorated with skins or brightly colored rugs. In the kitchen and dining room, large quantities of earthenware are used as decor.

Finishing the ceiling and walls

The interior of the chalet sets a wooden ceiling with large wooden beams of dark color, usually they are not bleached. On the walls there is a partial stone finish (usually used in rooms with high humidity). If, for example, a living room has stone walls, it is often plastered or paneled with wood. The upper floors, where the walls are already wooden, in additional decoration is not necessary, except that the wood is treated with special agents for protection.

Finishing floors

As you have probably already guessed, the chalet style provides for a wooden floor. Usually it is made of solid wood to create an antique effect. The boards are not painted, and use varnish or oil coating to make the surface matt or semi-matte. Stone in the finishing of the floors can be used in the bathroom or kitchen.


As mentioned earlier, the Alpine style is characterized by massive furniture. Still possible and a variety of combinations, for example, with the classic or baroque. Also in the interiors of country houses are often added wicker furniture. Choosing upholstered furniture usually gives preference to comfortable and solid. Upholstery in this case can be either solid-colored light colors, or patterned (striped, colorful or with ornaments). Bed for an alpine house is needed with a canopy and a canopy.

Color palette

The interior of the alpine style is based on natural colors, but preference is still given to dark shades. When choosing plaster tones are taken warm and pastel — terracotta, creamy-beige, orange-yellow. Upholstery materials are selected from unpainted fabrics with natural color. The interior design of such houses is diluted with bright mottled spots, most often with shades of red.

Decorative elements

In a chalet house, the presence of a hearth is mandatory, it can be a fireplace or stove. For its facing, gray stone is often chosen. The fireplace can be chosen as a wood burning, and electric (for a wooden house it is a safer and more practical option). Chalet style is a comprehensive style that can combine landscapes and modern paintings, wooden handicrafts and embroidered textiles, tapestries and hunting accessories.

That's what the chalet style is all about — cozy, atmospheric and comfortable. If you seek to create a warm environment in your home, this interior will definitely appeal to you.


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