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Art Deco interior style

The main features and characteristics of the style

A characteristic feature of Art Deco is versatility. All of its "chips" can easily be embodied in both modern and classic interiors. Much attention is paid to form. In the foreground goes the design of furniture and color finishes, and as a background addition is an ornament. Art Deco prefers natural motifs, but stylized and abstract ones should not be used. Cubism had a great influence on this style, which can explain the presence of broken, whimsical and curved lines in Art Deco.

Art Deco is a combination of several trends — expressionism, art nouveau and technical design. In general, this style embodies pathos and officiousness. It does not seek to create comfort, but on the contrary — it wants to be bright and noticed.


As in all styles, in art deco first of all pay attention to light. The most effective such interior looks in the evening. The most suitable lamps for this style are chandeliers with crystal details and a large number of lamps, reminiscent of masterpieces brought from a castle somewhere. Table and ceiling lamps, as well as various candles and lamps should be used in small quantities to emphasize and decorate the interior.

Color scheme

Art Deco is characterized by bright colors and shades, also there is always a dark component (wall upholstery, flooring, furniture). Very popular are ethnic and African prints (tiger, leopard). All this should be combined with natural colors, which are the basis of the color scheme of design.

The choice of materials

It is best to give preference to natural materials. Expensive types of wood, leather, fur, mother-of-pearl — all this helps to create a highly artistic style. The main emphasis should be placed on decoration, rather than trim. After all, it is by the presence of beautiful leather chairs next to a zebra print and coffee table that you can recognize art deco.

Bringing style to life

The easiest ways to recreate art deco in the house: combine in one interior luxurious dark furniture, bronze or glass and add a pinch of ethnic or African print. This combination will be appreciated by true lovers of the atmosphere of exotic and impressive luxury.


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