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Interior features of a wooden house

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The interior of a wooden house is a rather specific and complicated thing. After all, in most cases, the texture and color of the walls and ceiling are already set by the wood, which in turn affects the style and mood of the environment. The main task in the design of a log cabin is to match the wood with the right interior elements, technical tasks and decor.

The specifics of the tasks of the design of a wooden house:

  • visually harmonize the space with large masses of wood;

  • aesthetically design joints between logs and timber;

  • aesthetically design open wiring (if any);

  • In a solid wood house to create a variety of design rooms. For example, in bedrooms, it is desirable to make a softer interior, and in areas where there are usually a lot of people (living room, kitchen, dining room) more strict;

  • to bring in harmony and decorate large areas of wood.

How to accomplish these tasks?

In small rooms, wooden walls are better painted in light colors. In large rooms, however, contrasts are mandatory, here will be appropriate toning the floor or part of the walls in dark shades.

If you want to "soften" the rough image of wood, pay attention to opaque painting and textiles. It is better to use light, gray or cream shades.

When choosing the color and tone of the ceiling, floor and walls, you need to consider the size of the room and the amount of natural light. If the area and height of the room is small, then it is worth the task to leave the natural color or whitewash the wood. Dark colors are better either not to use at all or to reduce them to a minimum.

If the rooms in the house are large with high ceilings or two-light space, here is already worth highlighting the dominant surfaces: these may be the walls, floor, and ceiling. Also recommended brutal texture materials - metal, stone.

Color decisions should also be made, focusing on what side of the window. In rooms where there is little natural light - do not do dark walls of warm shades, as in the twilight of such colors looks gloomy. In this situation it is better to use light cold shades.

Contrasting textures and materials such as dark marble, stone, ceramics, metal, raw wood, clinker, contrasting fabrics will add sharpness and aesthetic appeal to the interior. Such a design is excellent for "crowded areas" in the house: living room, kitchen, hallway, dining room, bar areas, etc. For more private areas for recreation and work more suitable nuanced materials: white and beige marble, soft light fabrics, light matte or glossy single-colored planes and panels.

Choosing the interior style of a wooden house

Wood somewhat limits the choice of interior styles. It is best to choose from options that are historically related to the wooden house, among them: Provence, Scandinavian style, Swiss chalet, country or American houses. Of course, you can also turn to modern styles, such as high-tech or minimalism. But the modern trends in the design of the wooden house - it is a real challenge, maybe here you need the help of a designer.

In the design of the bathroom, you can safely leave the wooden beam or log, as modern impregnations against ridge and mold qualitatively protect the wood. But in areas of large direct contact with water, for example, in the shower or bath, it is still better to protect the walls with tiles. The floor can be made of wood, picking up specially treated decking.


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